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Krishna Snacks

All of our Krishna snacks are made from the very best quality ingredients. The main and most important one being chickpea or gram flour sourced from the highest quality flour mills in Mumbai, India there is no better raw ingredient. Our mills use Oralu Kallu stone grinding machines that take the roasted chickpeas and turn them into the lovely soft yellow coloured flour that we use. Chickpea flour is naturally gluten free, high in protein, iron and fibre and is the new healthy alternative to wheat flour. We Indians have known about its healthy properties for centuries and this is the core ingredient to all our noodle and mixed snack products.

Noodles – famous Indian gram flour snacks found across the whole of the Indian sub-continent, Chickpea noodles form the basis of the Indian diet. You will see noodles hanging in shops across India. Our Mother took her mothers recipes and created them for friends and families in when she moved to Kenya before bringing the noodle recipes with her and us to the UK. We produce a full range of thin and thick noodles, coated and uncoated for the millions of people who can taste the quality.

Mixed snacks – take the best quality noodles and mix them with other lovely ingredients, spices, dried peas, dried chick peas, nuts – different flavours for different tastes – but all delicious. Our mixed snacks are versatile, healthy and delicious – who needs crisps.

Just Nuts – why spoil something so natural and so good, our nuts come from the best sources and are of the highest quality. Healthy, nutritious and tasty what more could you ask for.

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