This is a story of two brothers, Arun & Bhupendra Patel which started in 1990’s, they both had dreams to create and own their own food line from a young age. Two individuals with a love of food who, when young explored the world to taste many different flavours. In the early days, they thought of a product that they loved to eat and could make easily, POPCORN. They started off small, making popcorn for local schools and businesses from their home kitchen in the heart of east London. They prided themselves in making the best quality popcorn, fresh and tasty, giving customers the best value for their money. The company grew very quickly via word of mouth, but their dreams and ambitions continued growing in to what they always wanted to create, an Asian Snack Food Company called ‘Krishna’ Savouries.

From an Indian family, they grew up with all flavours and beautiful smelling food, with parents who loved Indian Snacks and would have them around daily. Seeing all the demand for great quality authentic tasting Indian savoury snacks, Arun and Bhupendra travelled to India to learn how to make all sorts of savoury snacks with the authentic taste and crunch. They worked tirelessly day and night, never giving up on their dream. With a few failures and countless sleepless nights the new savoury range started to come together and sales took off and soon the business expanded further. Both Arun and Bhupendra’s wives Rasmika and Parul joined full time to further strengthen the team to cope with the demands, with two young kids each this wasn’t so easy. Arun and Bhupendra parents were proud to see their kids growing and taking in the culture they had been raised with.

In 2000, Krishna Savouries moved from their first factory in Stratford, east London, to a much larger plant in Dagenham, Essex.  Here Krishna Savouries now makes over 50 high quality products, some gluten free, Halal and Kosher which are enjoyed by millions all over the UK & Europe with increasing demand throughout the world.

The Family team got even larger in 2013 when Arun’s son Bhavin joined the family business working alongside the team of 20 employees. Bhavin grew up with his father in the world of food and flavours, he watched his father work hard from a young age. All the nights he was at school and his father was still at work, this brought a lot of ambition and pride to Bhavin, to help his family business. Bhavin learnt the business from bottom up from his Father and Uncle for a few years, until now he is a fully experienced member of the team. Bhavin realised to achieve dreams hard work and dedication is needed to build a successful business like Krishna Savouries, which is what Arun, Bhupendra and Bhavin give to the business every day.

Through hard work and sticking to their dream, the Patel Family business, Krishna Savouries has grown from strength to strength, building a reputation of quality products and excellent service.

Krishna Snacks Family Photo