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Bombay Mix

0 Reviews

A blend of mild and spicy noodles, pulses, and peanuts ing: gram four, rapeseed oil, green peas, chick peas, peanuts, mixed spices, salt


0 Reviews

Boondi is made from puffed gram flour. It is a tasty snack for any time of the day and it can also be used to mix with other Indian trail mixes. \ning, gram flour, rapeseed oil,

Chana Chor

1 Reviews

Thin crispy Chana with a spicy twist. Ing: Chick Peas, Salt, mixed spices, palm oil

Channa Dal

0 Reviews

Delicious Spicy Fried Split gram. Ing: Spilt gram, rapeseed oil, salt , mixed spices

Corn Nuts Chilli & Lemon

0 Reviews

toasted corn nuts tossed in chilli and lemon Ing: Roasted Corn, Mixed Spices

Corn Nuts Salted

0 Reviews

Toasted Corn bites tossed in salt Ing: Roasted corn, Salt

Cornflakes Chevda

0 Reviews

A deliciously sweet and spicy chevda including mixed dal peanuts and cornflakes Ing: Cornflakes, rapeseed oil, peanuts, dal, salt, mixed spices, potato chips

Dal Muth

0 Reviews

Spicy mix of noodles, lentails and peanuts Ing: Gram flour, rapeseed oil, dal, puffed rice, peanuts, salt, mixed spices

Dry Kachori

0 Reviews

A deep fried crispy and crunch ball filled with gram and mixed spices Ing, Gram flour, palm oil, salt, Mixed spices, Dal

Fry Vattana

0 Reviews

Fried and spiced yellow peas, Ing: white peas, rapeseed oil, salt, mixed spices

Fuli Gathia

0 Reviews

Thick mild noodles flavoured with ajwain seeds Ing: gram flour, rapeseed oil, ajwain seeds, mixed spices, salt

Gujarati Mix

0 Reviews

A Delicious Blend of Savoury Noodles, Lentils, & Peanuts Ing: gram flour, flaked rice, rapessed oil, dal, peanuts, salt, mixed spices,