Recipe ideas for our snacks from people who love them

Noodles made from the best chickpea (Gram) Flour are naturally gluten free & high in protein, iron and fibre

  • Great served sprinkled on soup instead of croutons our noodles retain their crisp and provide lovely texture to your favourite soups
  • Crushed noodles can be used instead of breadcrumbs to coat your favourite chicken dishes or to top your favourite gratin dishes.


Mixed snacks – noodles with extra added stuff

  • Serve our mixed snacks with bowls of yoghurt raita or chopped onion, tomato and coriander
  • Sprinkle over a salad to give new textures and flavours


Just Nuts

  • Our unspoilt high quality nuts can be used in a plethora of recipes both savoury and sweet.
  • Any nuts served with plain yoghurt, banana and honey taste great